A job posting by private staffing firm Louer wants to offer the right nanny $100,000 to join a team of caretakers looking after two children. The listing, which was posted on behalf of a rich family from San Francisco, is looking to hire a complete team of three nannies (at $100,000 each) to care for the family’s two children. Louer has taken on the job posting because they offer services to help with luxury situations like “family offices, residences, yachts, and planes.”

Last week, the job posting went viral because it seems that the San Francisco family wants to hire the perfect nanny – someone like Mary Poppins – to care for the two children. While the right nanny would need to bring a lot to the table, she would be fairly compensated for all of her skills. The job posting has since closed, indicating that the position might have been filled by the right caretaker.

The listing read: “Family living in Napa, California and the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco with a toddler and a baby are seeking a professional, experienced and educated full-time nanny. The schedule will be split between three full-time nannies to ensure the family has seven days per week coverage. Nanny will live in during the days they are working and live out on days they are off work. Nannies should be comfortable working many days consecutively (e.ge. if traveling for a week at a time, one or two nannies will travel with family, and the other nanny is off work). The position requires extreme flexibility as family’s schedule changes at various times in the year.”

It continued, “Typically family travels approximately ten weeks per year. The family has various residences across the country. Applicants need to be honest, trustworthy, understand the importance of maintaining discretion (confidentiality agreement is required), collaborative and experienced working with principles that are at residence often (discreet and staying out of the way is important). The family is open to local candidates and domestic relocations. The start date is flexible for the right candidate.”

Duties of the high-paid nanny include planning “engaging activities at home, developmentally appropriate games and activities, engaging projects and crafts, themed weeks, [and] scheduled outings.” The nanny would also be expected to help the young children with homework (when the time comes), and they must also prepare “fresh and healthy meals for children that introduce them to new foods” as well as other “domestic duties.”

Although the Louer listing for the San Francisco nanny job is no longer open, another family that lives between Miami Beach and the Venetian Islands is looking to hire two full-time nannies. These jobs would also pay $100,000 or more with benefits. However, it requires “heavy travel” and a dedication to the work.

These nannies are expected to be “Experienced with play-based learning and creating educational activities (e.g., planned engaging activities at home, developmentally appropriate games and activities, engaging projects and crafts, themed weeks, scheduled outings, etc.).” They must also be “knowledgeable about child development (e.g., firm when necessary and capable of teaching children manners and etiquette, but also capable of being laid back and fun).”

What do you think about these high-paying nanny jobs?

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