It can take some time to learn how to best shop a grocery store. Every store has its own way of advertising sales and promotions as well as just relying on everyday value. But if you’re a frequent shopper at ALDI or you hope to visit the store soon, you need to check out this viral TikTok video from a retail-shopping expert because it shows you exactly what to look for if you’re hunting for deals.

The video was posted to the Chinese-created social media platform by TikToker Matthew Lesky. With more than a quarter-million followers, Lesky shares reviews, tips, and tricks to help shoppers get the best deals whenever they go into a retail location. During the pandemic, his videos have been very popular because people want to know how to find a good deal as fast as possible since they are trying to spend as little time in a store as possible, which cuts down on browsing times.

The video included below was entitled “How to Read ALDI Signs” and amassed millions of views within hours. According to Yahoo Life, Lesky’s video went viral with more than two million views within thirteen hours of his posting it to TikTok. That’s fast in the world of viral videos.

First, he goes over ALDI’s yellow signs. These basic signs indicate items that are always stocked on the shelf (unless there was some type of unexpected supply issue).

Next, he goes over another type of yellow sign. The ones that are marked with “season item.” Items marked with this type of sign are only going to be on the shelf at ALDI for about six months – “give or take a few months.” In other words, they’re brought into the store for a season or two only.

Next, Lesky reviews the “infamous” red “ALDI FINDS here today, gone tomorrow!” signs. If you see an item with this type of sign, you need to purchase it immediately. ALDI locations only receive a limited number of these items and have no way of reordering more supplies. If you see an item with this sign and want to have it for yourself, don’t hesitate – snag the deal while it is there!

Lesky also offers a useful tip for people looking for the freshest food. On the bottom right corner of the pricing sign, a “number followed by a D” indicates that the item was shipped to the ALDI location previously frozen. The number indicates how many days the product is still good after it was unfrozen. If previously frozen foods are something you would rather avoid, do not buy products that have “a number followed by the letter D” on the bottom of the sign.

The tips in the video are very practical – and people found them to be useful.

“Thanks to your TikTok popping up on my FYP, I just spent $95. I got the cauliflower dip, street corner dip, brekkie cookies, and more.”

Now that you know more about shopping at ALDI, you can seize a good deal when you see it.

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