Amazon driver Juan Carlos Flores was doing his job while driving along New Haven Drive in Houston, Texas. Suddenly, he saw something that made him sick to his stomach. A baby in a car seat carrier had been left by the roadside – not a sight common in Texas. Flores first felt that someone had accidentally left the baby outside and had forgotten to retrieve it, but the truth was much more sinister than that.

The fact of the case was that the five-month-old baby had been abandoned on the side of the street. The baby’s mother had been carjacked with the baby in the vehicle, and the criminal decided to ditch the infant along New Haven Drive when he’d escaped the sight of the mother who was in hot pursuit.

Flores was making a delivery for Amazon when he saw the infant. The sight of the abandoned baby brought him to the brink of tears.

“When I saw that baby, I wanted to cry,” Flores told ABC 13. Without missing a beat, the Amazon worker went to the closest home to ask if the baby was left outdoors by accident. The homeowner and Flores brought the baby into the home and alerted the police immediately.

“How could someone have the heart to leave the child on the side of the road?” Flores told ABC.

Flores risked reprimand by his Amazon supervisors by waiting with the baby until police arrived. When the cops did show up, he told them what he had seen and done and then got back to work delivering packages for Amazon customers.

Officers were able to quickly reunite the infant with the mother shortly afterward. Because of Flores, this baby had a happy ending to a potentially tragic tale.

Upon further investigation, police obtained home surveillance footage from a nearby property that caught the man abandoning the baby along the side of the road from the stolen vehicle. Flores appeared shortly afterward and rescued the baby from what the man did to it.

Meanwhile, the mother desperately tried to find her car by tracking her iPhone. She was horrified that the carjacker had stolen her car with the infant inside of it.

Fortunately, she was reunited with the baby, and the infant had not been harmed during the crime.

In the surveillance footage, six cars pass the baby without giving it the time of day in a span of 22-minutes. Only when Flores comes onto the street is the baby saved.

“It showed the baby getting dropped off, and the baby was there for about 20 minutes, and there were about six vehicles that drove by, and nobody saw,” Mirna Garcia said. “It was also trash day that day, so we wouldn’t have realized something was there on the corner.”

Authorities have so far failed to find the suspect or the stolen vehicle. However, they are on the hunt for the man who kidnapped the baby and carjacked its mother’s car.

The Houston Police Department has asked the public to call (713) 884-3131 with any tips that might lead to the arrest of the child abductor.

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