Every year thousands of babies are born on holidays. You hear stories about Christmas babies and New Year’s babies. But there are also babies born on other holidays like the Fourth of July and Halloween. Today, we are going to discuss one baby boy born on Halloween day who had the perfect name for a birthday on October 31. The little boy was named Frankenstein, which was just right for his parents.

However, do not be alarmed. The boy’s parents did not give him Frankenstein as his first name. It was his parents’ last name. Because mom’s due date was scheduled for late October, the family wondered if the baby boy might enter the world on Halloween. If he did, his last name was perfect for the special day. As fate would have it, baby Frankenstein entered the world on Halloween and could not have made a better entrance into the family.

“Honestly, I didn’t think he would hold out ’til Halloween,” Mom Jessica Frankenstein said. “My husband and I discussed what it would be like having him on Halloween and how neat it would be when he gets older.”

According to birth statistics, Halloween is the least likely day of the year to have a baby. Experts do not know precisely why fewer births occur on Halloween; however, they believe that Halloween might scare some women out of labor on a subconscious level due to the day’s association with death, ghosts, and hauntings. This knowledge might reduce mom’s chance of going into labor.

Valentine’s Day has the opposite effect. According to the same statistics, there is a 3.6 percent rise of births on the day that celebrates love – February 14. Maybe moms feel an urge to give birth on this day because it reminds them of all the good things about love, like family and loyalty. In comparison to Halloween, Valentine’s Day is a much brighter and happier celebration.

Although the odds were against them, Jessica and Kyle Frankenstein were able to welcome baby Frankenstein into the world on Halloween day. His name is Oskar Gary Frankenstein, and he was born on October 31, 2017.

When he arrived, Oskar weighed six pounds and nine inches and was twenty inches long, according to a 2017 report from Daily Mail. His due date was expected to be October 29. But he came late, and labor lasting an excruciating fourteen hours for mom.

“I am utterly in love with this little man, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect baby,” Oskar’s mom told A.B.C.

At the time of the boy’s birth, his parents already knew what they were going to be dressing baby Frankenstein up for during his first Halloween celebration (which was in 2018).

Meanwhile, the baby’s grandmother, Jennifer Frankenstein, could not be happier to have another Frankenstein baby added to the brood. Oskar is Jennifer’s first grandchild; however, she does have a thirteen-year-old daughter who shares the same birthday as author Mary Shelley who created the story “Frankenstein.”

What do you think about this Halloween baby’s name?

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