A beautiful bride from Australia fell in love with a charismatic man from Texas. She loved him so much that she convinced her parents to shell out more than fifty thousand dollars for a fairytale wedding that was a dream come true for 31-year-old Isabelle Glastonbury. She had met her husband, Michael, during a visit to Dallas, Texas, in 2015, and she quickly fell in love with him and his Texan ways.

The pair went through a whirlwind engagement period filled with lots of love for one another – or so Isabelle thought. Then, the pair moved across the world from Texas in the United States to her home country of Australia back in 2018.

Shortly thereafter, the couple returned to the United States for their fairytale wedding at the Boathouse in Palm Beach, Florida, which Isabelle’s parents paid for to the tune of a generous fifty thousand dollars. However, Isabelle’s fairytale life soon came to a screeching halt one day after an evening out for dinner and drinks to celebrate Michael’s Australian visa approval in January 2021.

Michael had applied for an Australian spouse visa and waited two years and four months for it to get approved, which happened during the pandemic in January 2021. Isabelle’s parents also paid the visa fee so Michael could live in Australia without restrictions.

However, Michael immediately abandoned Isabelle after he received his spousal visa. After their dinner out on the town, Isabelle returned to her home and found that Michael had moved out and taken many of her belongings with him. He had also maxed out their credit cards, pulling a fast one on the beautiful Australian woman who was completely bamboozled by the man she thought loved her to the moon and back.

“I got home, and literally ninety percent of his stuff had disappeared,” Isabelle told Daily Mail Australia.

She said, “‘I had this sinking feeling. I tried logging into our immigration accounts; I had been locked out of everything, my credit cards were maxed-out, and I was blocked on his phone, none of my calls or messages going through.”

Isabelle was ghosted by her husband, Michael, who is now twenty-nine years old, for more than a month. During this period of time, she had no contact with her husband and had no idea why he had abandoned her like a piece of trash. He disappeared without the slightest explanation of his actions.

“He ghosted everyone – all of our mutual friends, the best man from our wedding and his own family, no one knew where he was,” she told the Australian publication.

Now, Isabelle has taken stock of her relationship with Michael and realized that he started acting differently toward her in the months leading up to the approval of his Australian spouse visa. She recalled that Michael had gotten more distant toward her.

“He had become distant and started disappearing at night; I felt like I was married to a complete stranger.”

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