In a spin-off from her hit movie Pitch Perfect, Australian actor Rebel Wilson is now hosting ABC’s new show Pooch Perfect. In the reality television show, Wilson showcases dogs that have gone through extreme makeovers. However, viewers are not pleased and have even gone so far as to accuse Wilson’s new show of “doggie abuse” because it does not seem likely that the animals on the program liked being “poked, dyed, bejeweled, and dressed up” for the sake of the cameras.

The reality competition show premiered on Tuesday to a grumbling of reviews. Wilson’s new show features ten teams of dog groomers who are all fighting against each other for a $100,000 prize. The first challenge of the episode required the dog groomers to transform muddy dogs into “prized pooches.” Then, later in the same episode, the groomers were asked to use their skills to turn their dogs into completely different animals.

Although Wilson and her team hoped to bring smiles to people’s faces with their lighthearted dog show, viewers were not pleased. Many people turned to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their shock that the producers of the show – and Rebel Wilson herself – would be willing to stake their careers on a program that celebrates animal abuse.

Many people shared their outrage at Wilson’s new show.

“I liked the first segment, but subjecting a pooch to 4 hours of coloring, cutting, etc., seems a bit much,” one Twitter user wrote.

“You can’t convince me dogs like being poked, cut, bejeweled, and dressed up like this,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another shared: “Just saw a commercial for #PoochPerfect. Anyone else thinks that looks like doggie abuse? I mean.”

“The longer I watch this show, the worse I feel for these poor dogs. #PoochPerfect” shared another non-fan.

Another wrote: “That show went from awww cute to omg are these doggos okay to I’m traumatized real quick.”

As of Thursday morning, ABC did not provide a response to a request from Daily Mail to comment on the controversial show.

PETA also took notice of the show and told Daily Mail that the processing and dying the dogs endured on Wilson’s program could result in fatal poisoning or allergic reactions.

“Dogs trust us to keep them safe, but shows like ‘Pooch Perfect’ can encourage people to treat them as if they were things to decorate, like a ceramic pot, giving them dangerous at-home dye jobs, which not only carry the risk of an allergic reaction or fatal toxic poisoning but also stress them out,” PETA said. “The dogs used on this show aren’t things but beings, and they deserve to curl up at home with a loving guardian — instead of having to put up with being leashed to a countertop and painted and prodded by strangers for hours on end.”

Wilson joined the show because her family has a long tradition of grooming dogs. She confessed that her great-grandmother created a beagle club in Australia, and her mother judges dog shows internationally.

“My mom was devastated when I chose not to continue the family legacy,” Wilson said. “When I told her I wasn’t going to continue in the family business and try to be an international movie star, she cried. I had to tell her in a public place so she wouldn’t do anything too crazy.”

What do you think about this show? Is it animal abuse?

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