A 42-year-old New York mother shared a video about how she feeds her twelve children. The mother, Alicia Dougherty, has since been branded “vile” and “disgusting” because of the way she chooses to feed her twelve young children. Dougherty pours a lot of food into a baby pool and then lets her children go ham on the food without any utensils, making them eat with their bare hands and fight each other between bites.

The mother lives in Pittsford, New York. She is the biological mother of four children and is also the mother of eight adopted children. Dougherty has amassed quite the following on TikTok, with more than 6.1 million followers and counting. She regularly shares behind-the-scenes content about what she does to raise her twelve children, including how she feeds them out of a trough-like they are pigs or wild farm animals.

Doughtery recently sparked controversy when she showed how she feeds her twelve children out of a kiddie pool filled with food. In the video, the mother, who is married to her husband, 44-year-old Josh, showed how she made a “nacho party” by pouring all the nacho ingredients into a miniature pool and then having her kids eat out of it with their bare hands.

Alicia Doughtery’s video has accumulated more than 2.9 million views because it has shocked and disgusted so many people. Countless commenters have written about how they find it detestable to feed a horde of children in a trough-like they are pigs or farm animals.

The feeding consisted of a kiddie pool of tortilla chips covered with ground meat, cheese sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and sour cream, according to a report published in the Daily Mail.

Doughtery’s children range between the ages of four and seventeen. Nevertheless, they all eat from the same trough as equals in the eyes of their parents. The mom thought she was being smart by feeding her children in a pool because there are far fewer dishes to be done at the end of the meal. Nevertheless, many people shared how “unsanitary” the practice was since the children did not have utensils or napkins.

“My mom would call this slopping,” one TikTok user wrote as a comment.

Another added, “What a monumental waste of food.”

“Vile,” contributed another user of the Chinese-created social media video app.

“My worst nightmare, to be honest,” added someone else on the Chinese-owned platform.

“Beyond disgusted,” wrote another, while another person contributed, “Nasty.”

While the majority of TikTok viewers found the mother’s tactic to be disgusting, there was a select group in the minority who found the video rather appetizing. One person wrote, “You put the perfect amount of everything!”

Another fan wrote, “This is how memories are made! Amazing job, Mom.”

While the New York mother’s tactics might be unsanitary and bizarre, they do seem successful at uniting the entire brood for a meal.

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