There’s a Best Western location in the middle of Illinois that has just become a viral sensation. Thanks to one TikTok video from a guest, the Best Western in Galena has gone viral for its secret feature. Although TikTok users are familiar with content creators publishing surprising videos, this one struck a chord with viewers because it was just too strange to ignore.

The shocking room features an underwater theme that the TikTok user was delighted to share with her followers. However, not everyone believed her, according to her video, when she posted about the themed room at the Best Western in Galena prior to uploading the viral video. But once she set up the camera in her room and filmed herself getting into the clamshell bed, viewers had no choice but to believe her story as the truth.

The themed room was called a pearl under the sea and was the perfect place to highlight with a TikTok video. People flocked to the video by the thousands to see what this Best Western location in Illinois had to offer that was different from most other hotels.

Hundreds of thousands of people have liked the video, while thousands more shared comments about the secret room at the Illinois Best Western.

“This lowkey reminds me of the Royal High Hotel.”

Another person wrote, “That the Royal High bed in the water dorm.”

“First thing that came to my mind was the Royale High hotel bed.”

“Do you think you could do more cool hotels in Illinois? And please don’t say Sybaris, lol.”

“Looks nice, but I can’t stay in hotels knowing what other people do in them.”

“Reminds me of Flintstones for some reason.”

“I need to find hotels like this in Texas. I need a weekend vacation.”

“It’s the love hotel from the skate the infinity.”

“I thought this was Tinker Bell’s room.”

“People truly think if it’s not on a coast, it doesn’t exist.”

Another viewer wrote, “I would never leave that bed.”

One person verified the truth of the post, writing, “Yeah it is real. Galena, IL, does have themed hotel rooms. My parents went there for their anniversary.”

Another wrote, “It is real. I have literally stayed in this exact room.”

“My husband and I stayed in that exact room for our wedding anniversary. It was phenomenal. Coolest place we’ve ever stayed.”

“Y’all, I just Googled this and read the reviews on this hotel in Illinois. I’d check it out.”

One person wondered, “When did the whole world forget about themed hotel rooms?”

Some people were not sold on the themed hotel room at the Best Western location.

“All I can think of is roaches, lol. Especially because it is located in the basement.”

However, other people swear by themed hotel rooms.

“My mom goes to places like this all the time! They’re everywhere and dope. She had an Area 51 themed kind of looked like this.”

What do you think about this themed hotel room at the Illinois Best Western? Would you ever choose a themed room for your stay?

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