While waitress Adrianna Edwards was serving a couple at the Texas restaurant where she worked, the trio started up a conversation that ended up changing the waitress’s life forever. She admitted to the Texas couple that she was working very hard at the restaurant and saving her tips in order to purchase a new vehicle. Hours later, the couple returned to the restaurant with a surprise that left Adrianna totally shocked and bewildered.

The young waitress confessed that she had to walk fourteen miles each day to get to Denny’s restaurant, where she worked. The walk across Galveston was so laborious that Adriann ended up losing twenty-five pounds in just a few weeks – even though she was not trying to lose weight. Instead, she was just trying to get to work so she could afford to buy a car so she would not have to walk fourteen miles to and from the restaurant every time she had to work a shift.

Not only did Adrianna want to buy a car with her earnings, but she was also saving for something even more important. She wanted to put herself through college so she could better her life and do something more fulfilling with her time than serving tables at a twenty-four-hour diner.

Adrianna’s life took a turn for the better one day while she was serving a generous Texas couple at the Denny’s location. She admitted that she had to wake up hours earlier than her shift in order to walk the distance across Galveston to get to the diner. She also took hours to return home because she had to walk back. These fourteen miles of walking were in addition to her having to stand on her feet during her shift as a server for the diner.

Adrianna hoped to first buy a car so she could work more hours at the diner. Once she had a car, she could start saving for college in earnest. The couple was so moved by Adrianna’s story that they decided to do something that would change the young waitress’s life forever.

Hours after the couple had finished their meal at Denny’s, they returned to the restaurant with a big surprise. They were searching for Adrianna because they wanted to give her something they had just purchased. They handed over a car key and told the young waitress that they had just gone to Classic Galveston Auto Group on Broadway Street to purchase her a 2011 Nissan Sentra.

Adrianna was shocked. She didn’t believe that the couple was giving her a car with no strings attached. However, they were sincere and did not expect anything in return for their untold generosity.

“In my head, I was like, ‘Pranks are cool and everything,’” the young waitress told ABC 13, “But this one is just a tad bit cruel.”

She added, “This morning, the first thing I did when I woke up was to look out my window. See if it’s actually there or if I dreamed it.”

The couple wished to remain anonymous and only wanted Adrianna to eventually pay their generosity forward.