The anticipation surrounding Meghan’s American Riviera Orchard products is steadily building, especially as two of her close friends, who happen to be prominent figures themselves, have recently disclosed that they are among the fortunate individuals to receive the inaugural batch of her strawberry jam.

Award-winning actress and comedy writer Mindy Kaling, known for her roles in “The Office” and “The Mindy Project,” and Tracee Ellis Ross, renowned actress and daughter of the iconic Diana Ross, have both unveiled that they’ve been bestowed with jars of the jam as Meghan prepares to introduce her lifestyle brand to the world. Their acknowledgment as early recipients places them within an exclusive circle of only 50 individuals privileged to savor Meghan’s jam prior to its public release.

In addition to Mindy and Tracee, other notable personalities who have divulged their inclusion in this select group include Delfina Blaquier, known among Meghan’s circle as a ‘polo wife,’ renowned fashion designer Tracy Robbins, and Kelly McKee Zajfen, a longtime close friend of the Duchess.

The involvement of Meghan’s A-list acquaintances in promoting her new lifestyle brand offers a glimpse into the target audience that the Duchess envisions for her products. Their endorsement not only adds a touch of celebrity allure but also hints at the quality and appeal of Meghan’s offerings.

Mindy Kaling’s association with Meghan dates back to her appearance on the Duchess’s Spotify podcast “Archetypes,” where their friendship blossomed. Mindy, who has garnered acclaim for her work in both acting and writing, shared a snapshot of her jar of strawberry jam juxtaposed with a bowl of luscious lemons, expressing her adoration for the product with a simple caption: ‘Obsessed.’ Her recent encounter with Prince Harry at a life coaching event further underscores her connection to Meghan and her circle.

Similarly, Tracee Ellis Ross, celebrated for her role in the hit comedy “Black-ish,” showcased her jar of jam on her Instagram story, accompanied by a bed of plush lemons. The attention to detail, including the personalized card or letter resembling Meghan’s calligraphy, adds a personal touch to the experience, leaving recipients feeling uniquely valued.

While the exact nature of Meghan and Tracee’s friendship remains undisclosed, their joint presence at events such as the recent BetterUp gathering suggests a shared interest in various social and professional endeavors. The duo also attended one of BeyoncĂ©’s concerts in LA, further cementing their bond within the entertainment industry.

Meghan’s venture into the world of lifestyle branding with American Riviera Orchard aligns with a growing trend among celebrities diversifying into food product lines. Figures like Julianne Moore, Will Ferrell, and LeBron James have ventured into this territory, offering premium products to discerning consumers.

Drawing inspiration from her father-in-law, King Charles III, whose Duchy of Cornwall estate has long produced goods like jam, Meghan’s foray into culinary entrepreneurship reflects a blend of tradition and innovation. The Duchess’s strategic positioning of her brand in Montecito, the affluent enclave where she resides with Prince Harry, further enhances its appeal, capitalizing on the region’s association with luxury and sophistication.

Fashion designer Tracy Robbins, another recipient of Meghan’s jam, shared her excitement on social media, praising the product’s quality and flavor. Her endorsement, coupled with that of other high-profile recipients, amplifies the buzz surrounding American Riviera Orchard’s debut.

Delfina Blaquier, known for her affinity for equestrian pursuits alongside her husband Nacho Figueras, also expressed her delight at receiving Meghan’s jam, capturing the essence of her enjoyment with a heartfelt message. The product’s inclusion in everyday rituals, such as breakfast and snacks, underscores its versatility and universal appeal.

As anticipation mounts among Meghan’s fan base, the prospect of acquiring a taste of her culinary creations becomes increasingly enticing. The genuine enthusiasm displayed by recipients like Mindy Kaling, Tracee Ellis Ross, and others only serves to fuel the excitement surrounding Meghan’s latest endeavor, elevating her status as a tastemaker and entrepreneur in the realm of lifestyle branding.