Kenny, Kevin, Andrew, and Kenneth were raised right. These four brothers love spending time outdoors and, above all else, love life. That’s why they were appalled when they found a dog tied to a fence and left to die. The boys had been outside helping a neighbor move when they noticed that the brown dog had been tied to a fence in front of a vacant home.

The sight of the abandoned pooch broke their hearts. The dog was tied up with bungee cords, indicating that its previous owner cared very little for the anima’s wellbeing. The four boys could have walked away and ignored the situation. Instead, they did the right thing and freed the dog from its leash and gathered around it to shower it with affection.

Then the boys brought the dog to their front door and offered it some freshly-sliced bologna. The dog devoured the treat in a matter of moments, so they went back in and grabbed her some more. The four boys and the abandoned dog were becoming fast friends.

As they spend a few minutes with the dog, the boys decided they needed to name her. They chose Sparkles for her name because she had such a bright personality.

Eventually, the boys had to stop playing with Sparkles and call someone to help. They were not able to take her home and make her part of their family. That’s why, with the help of an adult, the boys alerted Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, which sent a volunteer over to where the boys lived to pick up Sparkles and give her a chance at a better life.

The rescue team immediately noticed how good the boys had been with the dog. She was in great spirits and doing so much better than when she had been tied up in front of the vacant home with bungee cords.

Because the dog was rescued and taken under the wing of Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, Sparkles was given the care she needed to be adopted into a loving forever home. This was just the type of news Kenny, Kevin, Andrew, and Kenneth wanted to hear. It brightened their hearts to know that they did the right thing by rescuing Sparkles and calling the local animal organization to help her.

Then the rescue organization asked the boys for a favor. They wanted the boys to call them if they ever happened to see another dog in need – just like they did with Sparkles. The boys promised to do so and then said goodbye.

But the boys and the rescue group were not destined to part for long. A few weeks later, the boys found another abandoned dog. And then another. Because they closely observed their neighborhood, they spotted dogs in need and were able to get them help before it was too late. If it wasn’t for these four boys, pooches would have died.

Great work, Kenny, Kevin, Andrew, and Kenneth. Keep doing what you are doing. You guys rock!

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