If the internet is good for one thing, it is sharing adorable videos of babies, puppies, and kittens with the world. And while you won’t find a shortage of these delightful videos, if you do a deep search on YouTube or AWM, you’re not going to see a clip as great as this one. While holding her newborn granddaughter in her arms, one grandmother decides to serenade the beautiful baby with her beautiful voice through the use of a beautiful song (did I say beautiful too many times?).

Singing to babies is a great way to connect with them. Not only do you get to share your voice with the newborn, but you get to shower the baby in the beautiful sound of your voice and create a long-lasting connection to the little one that could last their entire lifetime. Music has power, and it has even more power when a grandparent uses it to connect with their child’s child.

In the video below, you’ll watch as a grandmother sings “I’m in the Mood for Love” to her newborn granddaughter. At the beginning of the video clip, the baby is already eager to see what her grandmother is going to do. But as the granny starts singing, the baby cannot hold back her delight as the beautiful sounds coming out of grandma’s mouth.

Within moments, the baby responds back to grandma’s voice by singing along with her as well. While most newborn babies have no ability to do that, this little girl proves that she is above average by being able to sing with the matriarch of her family.

Although the clip has already received 1.8 million views so far, it still delights people who are eager to see a grandmother showering her newborn grandmother with the gorgeous sounds of “I’m in the Mood for Love” – which is one of her favorites. Now the newborn baby girl will always remember it as one of her favorite songs. And hopefully, one day, when the little girl is all grown up and getting married herself, she might want to have this song play at her wedding and share a dance with her grandmother.

So many people loved this video that its comment section is filled with more than 1,300 different comments. That’s a lot of conversation around this grandmother singing a love song to her baby granddaughter.

Here are some of the comments that continue to make viewers smile.

“I’m telling you, babies understand a lot more than we will ever know. They just can’t talk themselves yet.”

“When she becomes an adult if anyone asks her, “how long have you been singing?” she can answer since (Grandma sang to me)!!!!!”

“That was the most precious thing I have ever seen!! What a sweet, funny, and loving memory this will be for your daughter one day!! Even the orange tabby kitty seemed to enjoy the singing. Many blessings to you!!”

“That baby did seem to be mimicking the sounds. A potential singer there.”

What do you think about this adorable video?

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