A loud couple was having the time of their lives for Valentine’s Day after they checked into a hotel room and began going at each other. The couple’s sexual intercourse was so loud that hotel staff had to relocate other guests to new rooms, and someone called the police to report the noise. In response to the couple’s loud sex, the Moorlands Izaak Walton Hotel issued the couple a bill worth more than one thousand dollars for the damage they caused to their room while having “rough sex” for Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2023.

While the couple really enjoyed having sex with each other for Valentine’s Day night, the other guests at the British hotel were not as happy. People complained of the noise and were unable to sleep due to Jamie Boultbee and his sex partner Kaylie Hursthouse because they were sharing “over-exuberant intimacy” in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Now, a court at the North Staffordshire Justice Center heard the couple’s case. Both Boultbee and his sex partner pleaded no contest to the guilty charges of criminal damage because their rough sex caused a lot of harm to the hotel room and disruption to the other hotel guests.

Although the sex partners “were warned multiple times” by hotel staff at the Moorlands Izaak Walton Hotel, Boultbee and Hursthouse continued to engage in rough, loud sex with each other later into the night on Valentine’s Day 2023. When the couple did not stop having rough, rowdy sex with each other, staff at the hotel in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, had no choice but to call the police to get the sex partners to stop engaging in disruptive behavior.

Now, Boultbee and Hursthouse must face a one thousand pound fine for causing catastrophic damage to the hotel room and for forcing other hotel guests to relocate to quieter rooms inside the building. Their neighbors were so disturbed by the couple’s loud, rowdy sex that they had no way of being able to sleep on Valentine’s Day night.

The couple was engaging in “overly-exuberant intimacy” in the early morning hours after a night out for Valentine’s Day 2023. The hotel staff had no choice but to call in reinforcements from the local police department after multiple warnings went unheeded by the sex partners.

When police officers entered the hotel room, they found Hursthouse drunk and slurring her words. The cops also found that the couple had caused severe damage to the hotel room’s bathroom door during their rowdy romp.

After the couple appeared in court, they were each slapped with a fine hundred pound fine, for a total of more than one thousand American dollars.

Prosecutor Karen Wright said police were called to the quiet hotel after midnight following the couple’s Valentine’s Day date.

Wright said: “The night staff reported a group being rowdy. They were warned multiple times about their behavior. The police arrived. They were let in by another guest who had been woken by the noise. The night staff had gone up to the troublesome room to speak to people in there. The police were escorted to Room 25, where the parties were. It was clear they were causing a noise nuisance and disturbance.”