Velda Taylor-Chan knows how to please guests at her home. The home chef recently came forward with a video recipe of her melted chocolate lava cake, which is always a crowd-pleaser. The baker, who lives in Victoria, Australia, turned to social media to show off her recipe for the decadent dessert, which features just six ingredients and is easier to make than you might suspect.

According to the busy home chef, the dessert only requires water and six common ingredients, which are butter, eggs, sugar, dark chocolate, salt, and all-purpose flour. Although melted chocolate lava cake might seem tough to make at home, Taylor-Chan makes her with nothing but a microwave and a slow cooker – two appliances many people already have available in their homes.

Social media users are enthralled with Velda’s trendy recipe, which does not require an oven. Instead, she shows people how they can make this mouth-watering chocolate dessert with just table-top appliances.

According to the home-cook (who is also a mother of two), she uses the Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi-Use Pressure Cooker, a 7-in-1 gadget with an LCD display that is available for purchase from most online retailers. If you don’t have the Instant Pot, you can also use a rice cooker, soup maker, or slow cooker to make this recipe at home.

First, melt half a cup of butter and about one cup of 70% dark chocolate in the microwave. Nuke the ingredients for only a few seconds at a time to make sure you are not overcooking them in the microwave. You just want them melted enough to be used in the recipe.

While the melted ingredients cool, grease four ramekin dishes with butter or oil to ensure that the melted chocolate lava cakes do not stick when it is time to serve up your creations.

Combine the powdered sugar with the melted butter and chocolate. Slowly stir the sugar into the buttery chocolate mixture. Then mix in three large eggs one at a time. Taylor-Chan urges you to make sure your eggs are fully incorporated into the mix before adding the next egg.

Finally, add one egg yolk into the mix plus six tablespoons of all-purpose flour. Follow that up with a pinch of salt and mix until everything comes out smooth.

Divide the batter between the four greased ramekins. Leave these uncovered.

Pour water into the pressure cooker. Stack the ramekins into the cooker and close the lid. Set the temperature to maximum pressure and cook the cakes for eight minutes. Afterward, allow the cooker to return to normal pressure for about twenty minutes before removing the lid and transferring the lava cakes to a wire rack to cool off.

Allow them to cool for at least fifteen minutes before serving. If you want to save them, you can cover them and store them in the fridge for up to twenty-four hours.

Follow the directions, and you’ll make a restaurant-quality melted chocolate lava cake that four people can enjoy.

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