In a shocking video posted to social media, a pizza delivery man, believed to be based in Mexico, was caught chowing down on the customer’s pizza before using a knife to slice it up to rearrange the pizza so it looked like he did not eat any of it. The deliveryman was caught on camera with the pizza box opened on his lap as he paused his delivery job to eat a snack from the customer’s order before sliding pizza slices around to make it look like he had not touched the pie.

The man held a pizza slice in one hand and then used a small knife that he had on his person to cut small slivers off the slice before stuffing the pieces into his mouth as a mid-shift snack. The deliveryman knew exactly what he was doing and seemed to have done it before since he was so talented with the trick of eating the customer’s pizza without them being any the wiser.

After the deliveryman ate his piece of the pizza pie, he used his knife to make cuts to the remaining slices before rearranging the pie to make it look like it had not been touched prior to handoff with this customer. He even shut the box with tape to make it look like it had not even been opened in the first place since the pizza baker boxed the pie up.

Once the Mexican delivery driver had eaten his slice of the pizza pie, he carefully put it all back together like a puzzle and taped up the box. He then continued on his way via his scooter to finish his delivery of the partially eaten pizza.

Susy Jimenez was the person to share the video on TikTok, the Chinese-created social media app, with an international audience. Her video of the sneaky delivery driver quickly racked up millions of views, and within four days of being posted, the content had been viewed a staggering five and a half million times by people all over the world.

TikTok viewers shared thousands of comments about the deliveryman’s sneaky trick to steal pizza from paying customers without them being any the wiser.

“Hehehe. I’m not condoning this, but I was surprised by his technique,” one person observed.

Another added said: “I think someone just lost their job.”

One TikTok user added to the conversation the following that they wrote: “I would have yelled at him when he finished. ‘Hey, I just recorded you.'”

Another user added, “I would have been angry if it was my food, but also, I can’t help but think, what if the poor soul didn’t have the chance to eat?”

One person suggested a way to avoid getting a pizza that has been eaten by a delivery driver. The man, Chris, suggested, “That’s why it’s better to ask for it without the portions cut.”