In the decade since Michael Jackson died, there have been a lot of allegations and weak claims floating around about his behavior around minors while he was alive. Although most of these claims are unverifiable and fall on deaf ears, one new claimant has come forward with a very clear and concise allegation that could ruin Michael Jackson’s reputation forever: “He was a pedophile.”

Jackson’s former maid has come forward to speak about the atrocities she witnessed while working at Neverland Ranch. Some of the worst things she discovered including little boy’s underwear in Jackson’s Jacuzzi. Not only did she have to fish the underwear from the hot water, but she also found jars of Vaseline in most rooms throughout the ranch. She also claimed that Jackson possessed a secret library of VHS tapes that depicted the late singer engaging in unthinkable acts with minors.

For four years Adrian McManus served the King of Pop as his maid at his Neverland ranch. She said that she has no doubt that Jackson had an attraction to little boys and acted upon his impulses.

During an interview with Daily Mail TV, McManus decided to come clean about what she witnessed during her time cleaning his ranch. Although she never directly witnessed a crime being committed, she watched Jackson bring boys into his bedroom. She then cleaned up after him and witnessed troubling things.

“There was a lot of Vaseline around Neverland, a lot in Michael’s bedroom,” she said on camera. “I didn’t question it, because he was my boss, and you just do what you’re supposed to do. But I would wonder.”

McManus witnessed a lot of things happening rather frequently that she would never forget.

She remembers seeing jars of Vaseline all over the home.

“And they had it all over in the main house, there was a rose room. It was up there. They had it in train room, which was kind of like an attic. They had that up there. It was in every room. The soldier room.”

Michael even had portable jars. “Sometimes they would find it on the golf carts that Michael would take out to drive around.”

McManus often came to work, cleaning up after Jackson hosted boys for long weekend visits.

“I found underwear that were in the back of Michael’s main room and one of the closets, and it was in the back of the filing cabinets. They were very hard and crunchy, and yellow, but I didn’t know who they belonged to. When I would go in to pick up Mr. Jackson’s bedroom, many times when there were his special guests there, little boys, they were taking baths with him in his Jacuzzi. He had a Jacuzzi in the bedroom, and I used to have to let the water out of the Jacuzzi. I had to put hangers together in order to get to the middle of the Jacuzzi to let the water out.”

She added, “Michael would have his underwear floating in the water, and the little boys’ underwear floating in the water together. If they weren’t floating in the water, they were outside on the floor around the Jacuzzi. So I would find stuff like that.”

When asked about VHS tapes, the pop star’s former maid said: “I think they were of Michael with boys doing inappropriate things that had to be hidden. Or they would have put him in jail. I think they were sex tapes.”

What do you think about this maid’s allegations?

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