Kylee Austin has been a body-positivity advocate for years. As a fitness professional, it is her goal to help her clients to get the body they deserve. Austin believed in living what she was taught, so she worked out her body very hard and even entered herself into bikini competitions where she had some success. However, once she got pregnant with twins, her body would be forever changed, and it made some fans outraged that she would show her body on camera after pushing out the two little babies.

Although Austin, who lives in Arizona, gave birth to her son, Tristan, before she fell pregnant with twins, the twins were the ones who really changed the way her body looked following her pregnancy.

During her 38th week of pregnancy, doctors induced her. At this point, the twins were in the breech position. Although Austin was mentally prepared for a vaginal birth, the induction failed her, and after twenty-four hours of labor, she was too exhausted to continue. At this point, the babies’ health was in danger, so doctors told her that her only option was to have an unplanned C-section.

For the first time in her life, Austin was terrified. She had always had complete control of her body. Now that she was delivering the twins, she felt completely helpless. And she had not been mentally prepared for a C-section.

Fortunately, Kayden and Keegan were delivered without any complications. However, recovering from the C-section was very challenging for the mother. Her “new reality” was not one she was comfortable with. Her previously toned body was flabby and marked up with stretch marks.

However, Austin decided to lean on her body-positive outlook and not try to hide her imperfections. She chose to document her post-delivery recovery for the world to see on Instagram. She even showed off her bare stomach in Instagram pictures, with the hope of inspiring more moms to hit the gym and work out to get back their bodies.

While many people supported Austin’s journey to self-acceptance, a horde of haters started attacking her with their horrible words. Her “twin-bump” photos got attacked most of all.

“Oh no, I cannot believe you put that on social media,” one troll wrote while another added, “That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

Kylee Austin has spoken to truly by Barcroft TV about embracing her C-section scars and post-baby body. Viewers have tuned in by the thousands and written hundreds of comments, including the following on YouTube.

“Embrace your natural, true self. You are all beautiful.”

“She’s still very fit and trim. It’s just a little skin. Nothing to be ashamed about!! Be proud you carried those twins full term!!”

“I think she looks still damn hot. My opinion is that is what you call a hot mom. Much love to her from Germany. I hope she’s gonna read this comment. You are still damn hot.”

“She can always get plastic surgery down the line if she wants to. Nothing wrong with that.”

What do you think about her body after the C-section?