Mom could have called in the professional cleaners to make her home sparkling clean. Instead, she turned to the grocery store Aldi to purchase discount cleaning supplies that put some elbow grease into the job. Now, Chloè, a busy mom from Australia, has revealed how well the $0.99 cleaning product from Aldi helped her get her home in tip-top shape – and other Facebook users are very impressed with her job well done.

Chloè posted before and after pictures of her cleaning work to show Facebook users job how well the discount cleaning products work for her in her home. The product that helped her make her home look spick-and-span was Aldi’s Unamat dishwashing liquid, which can be purchased at the grocery store for less than a dollar.

In the before pictures, Chloè’s home was quite dirty. The shower spigot was covered with soap scum and looked rather dreary. Thankfully, the dishwashing soap from Aldi helped Chloè clean the shower door and taps until they looked brand new – as if the job had been done by a professional cleaning service.

Chloè only had good things to say about the discount cleaning product. In her Facebook post, which has gone viral among people who are looking for better ways to keep their homes clean, the busy mom explains that she was able to make her home sparkling clean with the discount product.

“If you aren’t using Aldi dishwashing liquid to clean your showers, then you need to start!” Chloè captioned the post. “I use this to clean my floors, remove stains from carpet, clean furniture, clean the showers, toilets, and sinks and also use it to clean my oven and stovetop.”

Chloè became a walking advertisement for the Aldi product because she absolutely loves it. She said that the dishwashing liquid cleans through dirt and grime and also leaves her surfaces with a pleasant shine.

The Aussie mom didn’t just clean her bathroom with the cleaning product from Aldi – she also transformed her stovetop. She removed the hotplates from her stovetop and used the dishwashing liquid to scrub away the dirt and grime that had built up on the metal objects.

Many Facebook users congratulated Chloè on a job well done and admitted that the results were “very impressive.” Some others DIYers suggested adding vinegar to the dishwashing liquid to make it even better.

“I never seem to get a good finish, so I am definitely giving this a go,” one person wrote.

“How satisfying is it! I add vinegar with it. It gives it a streak-free shine too,” a woman offered.

Reactions from Daily Mail readers were mixed. Some people swear by dishwashing liquid, while others want something stronger.

“Been doing this for decades with Dawn. Best bathroom cleaner ever.”

“I prefer to clean my bathroom with products that kill germs and make the bathroom smell fresh. I use various surface cleaners such as Lysol that kill 99% of germs. Then I use Windex on the faucets and shower handle.”

Do you use dishwashing liquid to clean your bathroom?

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