A two-year-old boy from Mississippi was abandoned at a Goodwill store after his mother was unable to take care of him anymore. The child, who was left at the Goodwill donation drop-off location with no socks or jacket, had a bag of clothes and a note that said: “his mother cannot take care of him anymore.” Fortunately, police were able to obtain security camera images from the Southaven store that showed a male figure in a cowboy hat abandoning the baby boy at the drop-off center at 9:50 am.

Officers of the Southaven Police Department were the ones who found the abandoned child. They brought him to protectors with child protective services who will keep the child in their care until they can learn more about what happened. Security footage shows the toddler boy without warm clothing being dropped off by a man with his face covered with a mask. There was also a woman at the drop-off site, and their car was caught on video.

A photo of the little boy was released by the police department. Within six hours of that action, the cops had arrested a person related to the abandoned child.

A spokesperson for Southaven Police Department initially said: “A child was abandoned at the Goodwill drop-off location at 57 Stateline Road East in Southaven. The suspect, a light-skinned black male wearing black jogging pants and a black cowboy hat, dropped the child off with a plastic bag containing a change of clothes and a note. The suspect then left the scene on foot. Responding officers but were unable to locate the suspect. The male child is approximately two years old and is unable to give his name or the names of his parents or relatives.”

Police chief Macon Moore confirmed that someone was brought into custody at 3:30 pm. However, the chief did not want to mention any names and said that “no suspect information or charges are being released” at this time.

The police chief added, “We would like to thank all of the citizens who showed concern for the child, rest assured he is well, and being taken care of and will be reunited with family when CPS determines this is proper. We would also like to thank all of the citizens who offered tips regarding the suspects in this case. The cooperation from the community and a unified effort from law enforcement led to the speedy apprehension of suspects.”

Readers of Daily Mail were appalled by this tragedy. They shared hundreds of comments about it.

“Sad and heartbreaking as this is, at least they didn’t kill him like so often happens.”

“It is better to give up your child and admit you can’t do it than for the child to suffer who knows what.”

“Do not give him back. You might find a body next time. What type of woman does this?? The Instagram generation. That’s who. Unbelievable!”

“It’s still good they didn’t abuse him instead. I would love to adopt this child.”

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