Some people are more susceptible to tears than others. Perhaps, they wear their emotions on their sleeves or just know how to tap into the feeling side of their personality better than others. These people, the ones who are not able to hold back their emotions, are usually considered to be sensitive. That’s why one pilot has turned heads after he approached an elderly woman on his flight and caused her to break down in tears.

The video included below was taken earlier this year – before the new coronavirus travel regulations. You’ll notice that passengers are not wearing masks aboard the United Airlines flight as they would be expected to do today. Nonetheless, the pilot wanted to recognize the elderly passenger for something special. That’s what you’re about to witness.

The woman who recorded the now-viral YouTube video wanted to show the world how this United Airlines captain recognized her mother for lifetime achievement. Since the elderly woman used to work for the airline that merged with United Airlines all those years ago (Capital Airlines), her daughter felt it was important to call out her achievement in public.

As it turned out, the pilot of this flight had a special connection with the elderly woman. The daughter of the surprised woman said:

“My mom was a Capital Airlines (merged with United Airlines) flight attendant 60 years ago. She left the airlines to raise three children.”

However, the woman’s connection to the airline industry did not stop there. As the daughter continued:

“My brother is the oldest, and he followed in her footsteps as a United Captain. This week, we surprised her with her very first flight with him as the plane’s captain. It was a great moment for our family!”

In the short video, you’ll see the elderly woman express shock when the pilot calls out for any former stewardesses of Capital Airlines to raise their hand to be recognized.

After the woman raises her hand, the pilot (her son) announced:

“Because your son would like to say you’re the greatest mom ever.”

As the proud mother sees her son walking down the aisle to greet her, she said: “I think I’m going to cry.”

And cry, she does. The woman breaks down in tears seeing how her son has achieved his dream to be a pilot. Not only did he carry on the family’s legacy of working in the airline industry, he now serves as a pilot for a major commercial airline.

On YouTube, thousands of people left heartfelt comments about the delightful moment of celebration. Here are a few.

“Life’s too short not to say how you feel about your parents. I have the utmost respect for this Captain/son to do this for your mom. I lost my mom way too soon to cancer, so this means everything to me.”

“Well that’s a responsible mother who knew how to raise a kid. God bless her and him.”

“What a good son,” another view wrote. “The mother did a great job raising him.”

What’s your reaction to the heartwarming video?