Police have removed a Thin Blue Line flag (a Blue Lives Matter initiative highlighting their fallen brothers and sisters) from a firetruck after city officials ordered it to happen. However, Hingham Firefighters Local 2390 had been ordered directly to remove the controversial flag from their fire engine because it is seen as a symbol of racism and hate created in response to the Black Lives Matter movement – however, the firefighters refused to obey.

Because the firefighters refused to comply with the order from the city officials, the police arrived and executed the order. It must have been tough for the police officers to strip down a flag that was put up in place to honor other police officers who had lost their lives serving in the line of duty. Nevertheless, the cops were ordered to do it, and since they are servants of the law, they complied and made it happen.

However, there is more to the story. The firefighters didn’t just refuse to remove the Thin Blue Line flag – they teamed up with the local police officers to get rid of the flag on their “own terms.” Community members wanted the flag gone, but the first responders wanted to do it their way.

“We were aware of an impending order to remove the flags from the apparatus,” the union wrote on its Facebook page. “We did not want to risk the chance of having these flags removed from the trucks in a disrespectful manner. The decision was made to conduct the removal of the flags on our own terms to provide the highest level of respect that they deserve.”

The controversial flags were donated to the Weymouth Police Department after 42-year-old Michael Chesna died while running after a suspect on foot. The Weymouth Police Sergeant died during the foot chase on July 15, 2018, and left behind two children.

He didn’t die from a heart attack or some type of natural cause. Instead, the suspect he was pursuing found a large rock and used it to club Chesna upside the head, knocking him to the dirt. The suspect then tussled with Chesna until he was able to strip the officer of his service weapon. Then the suspect aimed the gun at the cop and shot him several times in his head and body until he was dead.

Because the flag was placed on the firetruck in part to honor Chesna, the Weymouth Police Department arrived on the day of its removal to assist – and pay their tributes to Chesna one last time.

“Police officers from the night shift, who worked alongside Sgt. Chesna removed the flags from our trucks,” the firefighters union wrote. “The flags will be brought to the Weymouth Police Headquarters, where they will continue to fly with honor.”

The local community supporter their efforts to honor Chesna.

“We will continue our unwavering support for our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and first responders everywhere,” the firefighters union said.

What do you think about the way they removed the flag on their “own terms?”

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