A man was caught committing a good deed outside of a McDonald’s location in Fresno, California. Although the guy hoped to be doing something nice for a man in need, he had no idea that his act was being recorded on film. But as fate would have it, Daniel Richards and his beloved wife, Dominique, pulled up to the McDonald’s location with the intention of filling their stomach with some hot food during that cold night – but when they came across a homeless person shivering in the cold, they knew that they had to do something.

People have mixed feelings about giving homeless people money. What if the person uses the money in a way that does not help their cause, like buying cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs? That’s why generous people often find alternative ways to give back to people in need – like buying them food, water, or simply sharing something they need.

In Richards’ case, he did not want the homeless person to have to spend the night in the cold without proper clothing. The desperate man was wearing only shoes, a shirt, and his underwear and had somehow lost his pair of pants.

Richards was unwilling to let the man suffer more than he needed to. He told his wife that he’d be back in a minute and left the car. He walked over toward the homeless man outside of the McDonald’s and then did something that shocked his wife enough for her to take out her phone and record the exchange.

Richards literally removed his pants from his body and gave them to the shivering homeless man. Dominique did not want him to approach the guy at first due to the coronavirus and other threats. However, Richards knew in his heart that he had to do what was right and give the man what he needed to survive the cold night in Fresno.

“My husband just was like: I think I’m going to go give him my pants. And I was like, ‘you’re not going to give him your pants, stop! We’ll just go home, and we’ll go grab something, and we’ll come back,’” she told Inside Edition.

Richards spoke to the man for a few moments and learned some basic facts about him. His name was David, and he’d been wearing the same clothes for months. As the temperatures were dropping in the central California town, David simply did not have enough fabric to keep him warm.

Richards offered his pants to the man, who humbly accepted the generous gift.

“I pointed to my pants and ‘if I were to give you my pants would you take them?’ and he said ‘absolutely I will take those pants.’ And I mean within a split second – I didn’t even hesitate – I just took off my pants,” Richards said.

David was shocked but was also beyond pleased.

“He had this kind of deer in the headlights look like ‘oh my gosh, are you serious?’”

Richards’ act of generosity went viral all over the internet. And one person pointed out a valid point.

“Everyone [is] saying ‘we need more people like him’ and not ‘we need to be like him.’”

What do you think about this man’s generous move?