Subway restaurants have added a new item to the menu. These Fresh Melts are loaded with so much cheese that many franchise owners were not willing to endorse the new item. Nevertheless, Subway thought the freshly designed sandwich would be a big hit with customers because it includes “a triple portion of cheese that is grilled to perfection” for “an extra cheesy, gooey and grilled sandwich” that tastes good going down.

Although Subway wanted to offer customers access to the Fresh Melts for only $1 over the regular price of any footlong sandwich (that means every sandwich can be upgraded with extra cheese for only a buck), the North American Association of Subway Franchisees (NAASF) are outraged and aghast that Subway wants to give customers so much cheese in one sandwich.

The NAASF took their disdain one step further by issuing a “franchise warning notice” to members of the trade group. Although these sandwiches might be a heart attack on bread, the trade organization did not care about the health of the customers. Instead, they argued that these sandwiches are not safe for employees to make, and they can easily damage franchisees’ toaster ovens, which are not cheap to maintain. The association also argued that Subway’s new sandwich design is far too complex for a regular sandwich artist to complete in a reasonable amount of time.

“We are hopeful that [Subway’s Franchise World Headquarters] will confront these issues immediately and allow us the opportunity to stand with them and endorse this promotion,” the notice was quoted as saying. “In the meantime, weigh out the above concerns and stand strong with the decision you make as a franchisee investor.”

After the controversy started making its way across the headlines, Subway was asked to comment on the pushback regarding their new Fresh Melts. The fast-food chain replied by saying:

“The safety of our franchisees and their restaurant employees is a top priority for us,” Subway told Food & Wine magazine. “In addition to providing extensive training materials, a standard protocol is to thoroughly test all new products and innovations and make operational and equipment adjustments as needed, ensuring that our franchisees and hard-working sandwich artists are able to safely and consistently execute a quality meal that guests expect. “

Clearly, Subway and its franchisees are not in alignment regarding this new menu item. While Subway thinks it will be a big hit with customers, the NAASF believes it will put a big burden on the small business owners who run the sandwich shops out of their stores.

“The majority of the significant issues to this point have either been ignored or met with ‘we are working on it’ as responses,” the NAASF notice reported.

NAASF’s complaint about the new menu items comes around the same time that fast-food workers are sharing on-the-job videos to TikTok and other social media platforms. These videos are exposing the dark underbelly of the fast-food industry and how it might not be all you think it is.

Will you order Subway’s new cheesy menu item?

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