Many people look forward to springtime when Girl Scouts start selling their iconic Girl Scout Cookies. However, the pandemic has put a damper on sales this year because Scouts are not able to go out in public and sell their cookies like they once were. Many troops have resorted to online-only sales, which has kept a lot of cookies in their boxes – and now a report has come forward that a warehouse in Georgia is currently holding $3 million worth of unsold Girl Scout Cookies that may just go to waste.

“While online cookie sales in our local area on Girl Scouts’ Digital Cookie platform were up nearly 150% over last year, online sales didn’t make up for significantly lower door-to-door and cookie booth sales, which were negatively impacted by COVID-19,” Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Communications Advisor Leslie Gilliam told TODAY Food.

The troop has extended the time allotted for Scouts to sell cookies until the end of April. However, this extension did little to alleviate the surplus of cookies stacked up in the Georgia warehouse.

“We are asking area businesses and other organizations to consider buying by the case for employees, customers, or for donations to teachers, first responders, or any other group they want to support,” Gilliam said.

Fortunately, the nearly 720,000 boxes of unsold cookies do not expire until September. The treats can also be frozen, which may help the Girl Scouts preserve them for a little bit longer. However, Georgia experiences very warm summers, which might expedite the expiration date of the cookies if the warehouse is not climate controlled.

“We hope our community will rally to support our girls and take these off our hands before summer,” said Gilliam.

Fortunately, the Girl Scouts have a plan if the cookies really do not sell. They will donate the unsold cookies to people who truly deserve them, like first responders. Hopefully, the over-zealous troop manages to sell most of the seven hundred thousand boxes of cookies before the end of the season.

Some unsold cookies will be donated to the United States military both in the United States and overseas, according to the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. These people would be delighted to receive a few boxes of donated cookies to help make their time in the military more enjoyable.

“We also donate cookies to first responders, schools, homeless shelters, and food pantries. Our goal is to sell these cookies, but if we don’t, they will not go to waste. You have our Girl Scout promise for that,” she said.

Additionally, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond announced that the county would buy as many as 20,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from local troops.

“This is not simply about buying Girl Scout cookies,” he said in a news release reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This is about investing in the future of young girls in DeKalb County. Without the cookie program, many girls from low-income households could not afford to participate in Girl Scouts. Every box sold gives a girl a greater opportunity to lead and succeed.”

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