A pair of recent graduates have designed a new urinal that they claim will revolutionize the way women go to the bathroom. The two young graduates from the UK’s University of Bristol believe that their invention will help women enjoy their lives more because it is so much faster to use than a traditional toilet. Amber Robyn and Hazel McShane, who both graduated college in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, decided to reinvent the toilet for women because they were sick and tired of having to wait in long lines for the bathroom at various events.

The students came up with the design after being tasked to take on a “real-life problem” as part of their masters project. Now the hands-free PEEQUAL is making its debut and stands to change the way bathrooms are organized for outdoor events.

The idea came to the graduate students after they received their assignment. They kept thinking about how they would have to wait in a long line to use the bathroom at music festivals. While the men were able to go in and out because of the urinal, women had to take much longer on the traditional toilet. Their new invention helps save time for women and also saves space.

The pair of women spoke to TodayFM about their new women’s urinal. They believe that their “fast-track” toilet will be perfect “for women who just want to pee.” Although the women claim that “we’re not trying to revolutionize the toilet,” they may have just done it with their creative invention.

Because their invention was innovative, they received nearly twenty thousand dollars in an investment to bring their prototype to life. The PEEQUAL stands to change the way outdoor festivals and events are handled because these urinals will allow women to go number one much faster than they ever have in the past.

The graduates reviewed research that confirmed that women have to wait much longer – 34 times long in fact – than men when waiting for bathrooms at outdoor events. The reason for this was that there were ten male urinals for every one traditional toilet. Now that there are going to be women’s urinals available, women will also be able to get in and out of the line much faster than ever before.

Research also indicated that 80 percent of women do not even sit down on public toilets at these types of events, choosing to squat over it to avoid bacteria.

“There are so many elements to the design,” the creators of the PEEQUAL said. “It’s open air and touch free. Especially in covid people don’t want to touch anything.”

The PEEQUAL would not replace traditional toilets. Instead, it would be a second options available to women who simply want to pee. Instead of being forced to wait for a traditional toilet, they can fast-track the process by using one of these new items.

Plus, the PEEQUAL is designed to be cleaner than traditional toilets.

McShane said, “It’s designed like a boat to minimize splash back and also to have a little place for your clothing in front.”

What do you think about this new women’s urinal?

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