Jessica Alves turned heads as she stepped out in a daringly plunging latex mini-dress for a luxurious dinner with friends in London. The Brazilian-British transgender model, aged 39, showcased her voluptuous figure in the saucy pink frock adorned with sheer panels that accentuated every curve. Donning designer heels and carrying a £5,000 Chanel bag, she exuded glamour.

The striking ensemble was complemented by Jessica’s glamorous makeup, highlighting her plumped lips and glossy blonde hair styled poker straight. The fashion-forward model chose Amazonica, a high-end Latin American cuisine restaurant in Berkeley Square, as the venue for her lavish evening.

Jessica’s penchant for cosmetic enhancements is no secret. She met up with her plastic surgeons, Dr. Günel Mammadli and Dr. Mubariz Mammadli, both from Baku, Azerbaijan, at the same restaurant last month. These surgeons played a pivotal role in shaping Jessica’s distinctive figure. One notable transformation included breaking her jawbone and repositioning her chin for a sculpted facial appearance.

The model’s cosmetic journey has been extensive, involving numerous rhinoplasties and the removal of four ribs to create the illusion of a more streamlined waist. Expressing her tendency to get ‘bored’ with her appearance after a few years, Jessica has invested over £800,000 in 78 cosmetic surgeries.

Jessica was previously known as The Human Ken Doll before changing genders.

The dinner date marked a sophisticated evening, but it wasn’t the only highlight. Jessica shared a series of eye-catching snapshots on her social media, showcasing her outfit’s glittering details under the nightclub lights. The dress’s plunging neckline notably accentuated her sizeable breast implants, which had recently been upgraded from 1500cc to 2220cc through an operation in Brussels.

Jessica’s fashion choices have often captured attention, and her daring sense of style doesn’t shy away from showcasing her surgically-enhanced assets. Her Instagram account features a vibrant array of outfits, one of which was a neon pink corseted dress paired with an equally colorful cropped jacket.

This Barbie doll-inspired look coincided with the release of the much-talked-about Barbie-themed movie, starring Margot Robbie. Jessica fully embraced the look, sharing her vibrant ensemble on Instagram along with quotes emphasizing inspiration drawn from imperfect realities. Other celebrities, such as TOWIE star Gemma Collins and Vanessa Feltz, also embraced the Barbie-inspired fashion trend as the film premiered.

Jessica’s bold fashion choices and openness about her cosmetic transformations continue to make her a subject of fascination and discussion in the media and among her fans. As she confidently showcases her unique style and beauty, she maintains a strong presence in the world of fashion and entertainment.