“Don’t let your daughter show her ass cheeks around my four-year-old son,” the mother complained while lounging on the sandy beach. The woman was outraged because a thirteen-year-old girl was wearing a thong bikini at the beach. The woman was wearing a two-toned shirt and capris that reached up to the middle of her calves and was seated next to another woman who remained silent during the ordeal.

The mother of the young son did not like how a teenage girl was wearing a thong bikini at the beach. She feared that the young girl in the bikini would be a bad influence on her little boy if he began to notice what she was – and wasn’t – wearing while relaxing on the sand.

The mother of the teen asked the other mother why she was so bothered by the young girl’s bikini.

“Because she’s a thirteen-year-old girl, and I don’t want her showing her ass around my son, that’s four years old,” the outraged mother complained.

The other mother defended her daughter, saying, “She’s wearing a swimsuit.”

“What kind of mother are you to let your daughter wear a thong and show her ass cheeks around a four-year-old kid?”

“She’s wearing a swimsuit,” the other mother replied, doubling down on the fact that her daughter was dressed in appropriate attire for the sandy beach.

“She’s wearing a f*cking thong,” the woman said.

“No I’m not,” the thirteen-year-old girl said while her mother said, “She’s wearing a swimsuit.”

“Then why are her ass cheeks hanging out. Is that a swimsuit?” The woman felt that the teenage girl should not be showing off so much skin in front of her four-year-old son despite the fact that they were all at the beach enjoying a relaxing day under the sun.

The concerned mother was worried that her four-year-old boy might get the wrong idea by being around the thirteen-year-old girl in a thong bikini.

“So that’s your problem and your son’s problem. So go take your son and go somewhere.”

“Shut the f*ck up and we’ll get out of here,” the angry mother said. “Like f*ck, it’s my problem. It’s going to be your problem right away.”

Meanwhile, the mother whose daughter was being criticized began recording the argument to post to the internet when they got home.

“Do you think your video is going to do anything?” the angry mother said. “You don’t know who I am or where I live. So what’s your video going to do?”

“That’s for my safety. I’m doing media for my safety,” the other mother replied.

“The only thing your safety is going to show is that you’re a f*cking sh*tty mother that’s letting her thirteen-year-old daughter show her ass.”

“That’s your opinion. That’s totally fine.”

“Okay, can you just f**k off now?”

What do you think about this argument on the sandy beach? Should the thirteen-year-old girl be wearing a revealing bikini in front of young children?